Courageous Conversations with

Amy Young

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Welcome to Episode 47 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Amy Young, Principal of Laing+Simmons Young Property in Avalon. She talks about her foray into real estate as a personal assistant, the crucial feedback that determined her start in business ownership, the challenges she faces around anxiety when it comes to door-knocking and what it’s like working with her husband in a paperless and work-from-home real estate office.

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00:30 – Amy’s start in real estate; from reception to PA at Newton Real Estate
01:30 – PA in property development and corporate environment
03:30 – Door-knocking and anxiety; where this stems from for Amy
05:30 – Stronger barriers in place when door-knocking as a result of COVID
07:30 – Having a coach in real estate to keep you accountable
09:15 – PA to Eduard Litver, Eduard’s advice to her to stop continuing being a PA.
11:30 – Having others see you in a way you don’t actually see yourself.
13:00 – The transition from PA to Business Owner and the decision-making involved.
15:00 – Working with her partner, Matthew Young
16:00 – Operating under Laing+Simmons from home (without an office) and paperless
17:30 – Their first listing from a stranger during brunch; the power of networking