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Ep 26 Kylie Walsh Thumbnail

Episode 26: Kylie Walsh – Your vibe attracts your tribe, and your health is your wealth

Kylie Walsh, General Manager of Di Jones Real Estate, talks about attracting her tribe in real estate, how she handles the challenges associated with recruitment, her personal battle with cancer, why our industry needs to embrace more conversations about mental health, and how she remains accountable for her performance as a leader.

Ep 25 Chris Hanley Thumbnail

Episode 25: Chris Hanley – Rising together as an industry to talk about mental health and wellbeing

Chris Hanley, Director of First National Byron Bay and Ambassador of the RISE Conference, talks about why and how he launched the conference, the speakers and agenda for RISE2020, his vision to create a mental health support app that’s both by and for real estate professionals, and why our industry needs to broaden the conversations we have from sales and achievements to more focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Ep 24 Michelle Kerr Thumbnail

Episode 24: Michelle Kerr – Mastering service and culture as an office of the future

Michelle Kerr, Founder and Licensee of Duet Property Group, talks about the technology trends explored at the recent Inman Conference, being a consultant and educator of her industry, her experience running her business, what the office of the future looks like and how she and her team establish a point of difference in their service and culture.

Ep 23 Leanne Howard Thumbnail

Episode 23: Leanne Howard – Reinventing the wheel in the property industry, your teams and yourself

Leanne Howard, Head of Growth and Client Engagement at Real Estate Results Network and Head of Marketing for OurProperty, talks about her experience managing the AREC conference in its early days, how she handles her work/family balance, the tough conversations involved in events management, the benefits of automating property management processes and how companies should be focusing on serving their teams and be on a continuous mission for self-improvement.

Ep 22 Ewan Morton Thumbnail

Episode 22: Ewan Morton – Changing the conversations about men and women in the workplace

Ewan Morton, Joint Managing Director at Morton Real Estate, talks about speaking at the 2019 Women in Real Estate Conference, the impact the conference had on him, the perceptions of men’s responsibility in the workplace, support strategies for working women and men and what needs to change when it comes to conversations around work/life balance. 

Ep 21 Julie Davis Thumbnail

Episode 21: Julie Davis – How to live with purpose when someone you love lives with MND

Julie Davis, co-founder of Women in Real Estate, Director at Logical Coaching and the co-producer of Agent Dynamics, talks about her real estate career, launching Agent Dynamics, discovering your innate skills and ‘flow’, the diagnosis of her husband’s MND and how she has continued to love her life to the fullest following this significant turning point.

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