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Ep 21 Julie Davis Thumbnail

Episode 21: Julie Davis – How to live with purpose when someone you love lives with MND

Julie Davis, co-founder of Women in Real Estate, Director at Logical Coaching and the co-producer of Agent Dynamics, talks about her real estate career, launching Agent Dynamics, discovering your innate skills and ‘flow’, the diagnosis of her husband’s MND and how she has continued to love her life to the fullest following this significant turning point.

Ep 20 Rik Rushton Thumbnail

Episode 20: Rik Rushton – If you don’t value the person, you don’t value the feedback

Rik Rushton, peak performance coach, communication expert, speaker and best-selling author of ‘The Power of Connection’, talks about his early career in real estate, how he found his calling as an educator, his tips for responding to feedback, how he wrote his best-selling book and what’s next in his journey.

Ep 19 Imogen Callister Thumbnail

Episode 19: Imogen Callister – The 6 essential ingredients to growing yourself and standing out

Imogen Callister, Branding and Marketing Specialist at realestate.com.au, talks about how career journey, the personal battles involved in journalism, how this lead to new beginnings in real estate and her 6 essential ingredients for personal growth. 

Ep 18 Kasey McDonald Thumbnail

Episode 18: Kasey McDonald – Why making mistakes creates business success and better decisions

Kasey McDonald, Managing Director of PMT Academy, Director of Real Estate Trainer Group and Consultant and Trainer at BDM Academy talks about her experience running her own rent roll, what she has learned from making mistakes, and why reflecting on experience and past decisions is important for business owners.

Ep 17 David Robinson Thumbnail

Episode 17: David Robinson – Everything you want is on the other side of fear

David Robinson, Network Performance Coach at Laing+Simmons, talks about his real estate career, overcoming his fears around public speaking, his journey for better health, being present by practising meditation and defining your values and ‘why’.

Ep 16 Nikki Taylor Thumbnail

Episode 16: Nikki Taylor – Be inspired and stay grounded with rituals that are right

Nikki Taylor, Career Coach and Mentor of Life Made Easy talks about her journey from real estate recruitment to career mentoring, how practising mindfulness and meditation has changed her life, tips for networking via LinkedIn and the tough conversations involved with reinventing your career.

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