Courageous Conversations with

Justine McDonald

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Welcome to Episode 50 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Justine McDonald, Finance Specialist at Nectar Mortgages. Justine talks about moving across 3 different careers, her experience with losing career confidence, how she rebuilt her self-worth, her tips for investing and what she would and wouldn’t do again, and and her thoughts on the current market.

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00:15 – Having 2 major career transitions
02:00 – From chartered accountant to insurance broker (being offered a job by a client of hers)
03:30 – Rescuing real estate agents when their special indemnity insurance was in hot water and/or disappeared
04:30 – Truly knowing oneself and what it’s like to lose your confidence after leaving a long-term role
06:00 – Rebuilding self-worth as someone who’s naturally hard on herself when starting afresh
07:30 – Reflecting on why she didn’t reach out to people she knew from previous roles until she felt confident again
08:50 – Feeling obligated to work long hours and the implications of this way of thinking
09:30 – What owning a business is like 3+ years in
10:45 – Justine’s experience and initial strategy as a landlord
13:00 – Rushing into contacting a buyer’s agent and signing 4 contracts and 4 settlements within 4-6 weeks
14:00 – The ‘amnesia’ concept and how this impacted Justine’s investment strategy
15:00 – What Justine would do differently if she had her time again to invest
17:30 – What Justine wouldn’t change if she invested again
20:00 – Supply and demand; demand is a shortcoming when you look at current supply
21:00 – Demand and demographics continue to change in Australia today
22:00 – Investing and accounting has led to dozens of varying enquiries across different professions; why this prompted Justine to undertake further training in other fields.