Courageous Conversations

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Ep 80 Georgina Ryan

Episode 80: Georgina Ryan – What it takes to be the sales rookie of the year

Georgina Ryan, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Laing+Simmons Port Macquarie, talks about her start in the real estate industry, her recent Sales Rookie of the Year Award win in her network, why focusing on her service over the numbers earns her results, her tips for overcoming the ‘bad days’, and how to know what works for you when it comes to prospecting.

Ep 79 Molly Benjamin

Episode 79: Molly Benjamin – How to take control of your financial future, and enjoy it!

Molly Benjamin, Founder of Ladies Finance Club, talks about what the Ladies Finance Club community is, how it came about while she lived in the UK, what brought her back home to Australia, how she reinvented her finance community upon her return, her personal finance tips, the importance of training your mindset around your money, and how to have courageous conversations about your financial situation.

Ep 78 Will Ainsworth

Episode 78: Will Ainsworth – How to survive and thrive in real estate with depression

Will Ainsworth, Head of Training and Growth at Openn Negotiation, talks about his personal battle with depression while in the real estate industry, the importance of making decisions and seeing them through, his tips for both time and mental health management, and what it means to be a good leader.

Ep 77 Kylie Walsh

Episode 77: Kylie Walsh – How to authentically lead and effectively recruit

Kylie Walsh, Director of REGROWTH, talks about her new business and what it seeks to achieve, why she pursued this new venture, her recruitment advice for real estate teams, how the concept of leadership has changed dramatically, and the importance of a restart and refresh mindset as high performers. 

Ep 76 Julie Masters

Episode 76: Julie Masters – How to improve your influence in real estate

Julie Masters, CEO of Influence Nation, talks about how to tell compelling stories, the difference between influence and popularity, the framework of a good story, her personal challenges with gender imbalance in her work, and her tips for taking the next step and embracing what we are truly capable of.

Ep 75 Leanne Druery

Episode 75: Leanne Druery – How to step towards success and avoid delay

Leanne Druery, Sales Consultant at RE/MAX Results Mackay, talks about why she entered the real estate industry at 40, what she learned from her career break trip around Australia, her transition to sales, how to hire a PA, how the pandemic impacted her, what she experienced during Elite Agent’s Transform program and her tips for dealing with your own courageous conversations

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