Courageous Conversations

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Ep 3 Tanja M Jones Thumbnail

Episode 3: Tanja M Jones – Embracing vulnerability and having courage to walk through the door of fear

In this episode, leadership and mindset coach Tanja M Jones reflects on her experience coaching business leaders and shares her lessons in authentic conversations, going beyond the ‘no’ and feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

Ep 2 Sherrie Storor Thumbnail

Episode 2: Sherrie Storor – Overcoming adversity and the personal journey towards fertility

In this episode, real estate coach, mentor and speaker, Sherrie Storor reflects on some significant turning points in her career and personal life, including a difficult revelation which has shaped some important choices for her future.

Ep 1 Holly Komorowski Thumbnail

Episode 1: Holly Komorowski – Beginnings in business and seeking the narrative in your marketing

Holly Komorowski of home.byholly discusses how she started her business from scratch; the process behind it, the brand, creating authentic marketing and all things in between.

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