Courageous Conversations with

Tanja M Jones

Welcome to Episode 3 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In the episode, we hear from leadership and mindset coach, Tanja M Jones. She reflects on her experience coaching business leaders and shares her lessons in authentic conversations, going beyond the ‘no’ and feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

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00:20 – Tanja’s beginnings in coaching and entrepreneurial leadership.
02:30 – Identifying the challenges real estate agents face through Tanja’s experience with selling her home.
05:30 – Adapting to your clients’ needs – in both coaching and in real estate businesses.
06:30 – Tanja’s strategy on ‘standing in the client’s shoes’ when coaching.
09:00 – Authentic connections VS being ‘attached to the outcome’.
10:30 – Details on Tanja’s experience with choosing the right agent to sell her home.
13:00 – Asking the right questions; find out what’s important in order of priority and tailor your language according to this priority.
15:30 – “Going beyond the ‘no'”; Tanja’s experience seeking opportunities at Myer and what it has taught her.
18:30 – An embarrassing public speaking experience and what Tanja took away from it.
21:30 – Reflecting on the issue with seeking validation and pleasing those around us.
26:30 – Tanja’s courageous conversation with herself after her ‘defining moment’ on-stage.
29:30 – Brene Brown’s TED Talks: ‘The power of vulnerability’ and ‘Listening to shame’.
31:30 – “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”