Courageous Conversations

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Ep 15 Vivienne Ryan Thumbnail

Episode 15: Vivienne Ryan – Cultivating a value-based culture in business and life

Vivienne Ryan, Director of Gravia Media talks about her career path, starting her business, the challenges and tough conversations along the way and how she continues to build a strong culture within her team. 

Ep 14 Valerie Timms Thumbnail

Episode 14: Valerie Timms – Riding 20km at a time towards personal fulfilment

Valerie Timms, Director of Timms Real Estate talks about her experience being a #1 agent in a network, why this prompted her to start her own business, the challenging conversations involved in rebuilding her team and her recent experience in Thailand bike-riding 500km for charity.

Ep 13 Alexandra Haggarty Thumbnail

Episode 13: Alexandra Haggarty – How property managers and landlords can help victims of domestic violence

Alaxandra Haggarty, Managing Director of First National David Haggarty talks about her team’s partnership with Carrie’s Place Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services, how she establishes trust between her landlords and tenants who are DV victims, her plans to launch her own domestic violence foundation and what property managers can do to get involved in providing similar assistance to their clients.

Ep 12 Penelope Valentine Thumbnail

Episode 12: Penelope Valentine – Believing what you tell yourself and finding strength beyond the comfort zone

Penelope Valentine, Director of Property Alchemy, talks about her experience with having challenging conversations with clients, why authenticity and being proactive is key and how embracing vulnerability and hardship makes your stronger. 

Ep 11 Louisette Geiss Thumbnail

Episode 11: Louisette Geiss – Speaking up and stepping forward with courage

Louisette Geiss, Co-Founder of RWIRELA, women’s rights advocate, Sales VP, and former producer, actress, writer and director, talks about the Harvey Weinstein case, the impact this has on her career at the time, how she paved herself a different path and the legacy she has built by speaking up. 

Ep 10 Stefanie Dobro Thumbnail

Episode 10: Stefanie Dobro – The power of gratitude and defining your own success

In this episode, Stefanie Dobro of Caporn Young talks about her success in real estate, how she has clearly defined her ‘why’, why practising gratitude is vital for self-development and how she now dedicates herself to improving others around her. 

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