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Ep 69 Louise Mahoney

Episode 69: Louise Mahoney – How to make dreams come true for cancer patients

Louise Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer and ‘Dream Maker’ of Dreams2Live4, talks about her sister, Annie, the founder of Dreams2Live4 and her battle with metastatic cancer, how Louise carries on her legacy through her work at Dreams2Live4, the kinds of dreams and experiences they provide to cancer patients, how the charity has grown over the years, the challenges they face and what’s to come.

Ep 68 Ann-Maree Imrie

Episode 68: Ann-Maree Imrie – How to respond proactively to grief and loss

Ann-Maree Imrie, Social Worker, Mother, and Creator of the Baby Loss Project, talks about the Baby Loss Project and what it seeks to achieve, how leaders and employers can have meaningful and informative conversations around grief and loss, how her own experience with stillborn loss has helped bring the project to life, and the impact of the project so far.

Ep 67 Lisa B

Episode 67: Lisa B – How to be brave, use your voice and talk about real estate

Lisa B, real estate trainer and coach, and Talent Acquisition Specialist at eXp Australia, talks about her beginnings in the industry, how she has imparted what she’s learned in her industry experience through coaching and training, how she came to write and publish her books, her role in the social media space for real estate agents, and her tips and advice for having courageous conversations with yourself. 

Ep 66 Lauren Matthews

Episode 66: Lauren Matthews – How to launch and brand a maternity fashion line

Lauren Matthews, Owner of Lauren Matthews Maternity, talks about launching her clothing brand after experiencing for herself the lacklustre range of quality maternity wear, what launching during COVID was like, the steps, education and challenges involved with the business launch, how she found the courage to commit to her ideas and what she has learned through the journey. 

Ep 65 Chandra Clements Thumbnail

Episode 65: Chandra Clements – How to write and publish a children’s book with purpose

Chandra Clements, Managing Director of One Legacy, and best-selling Author of ‘Rona Stole My Fun: The Four Year Old Vs the Virus’, talks about how COVID affected her career in coaching and training, how she communicated the impact of COVID to her children, how this became the inspiration for her book, what the self-publishing experience was like and what she has learned from the journey.

Ep 64 Malaika Mfula Thumbnail

Episode 64: Malaika Mfula – How to empower the brave and create a community

Malaika Mfula, Program Manager at The Exchange Dubbo, talks about her role at The Exchange and how it was established, the ‘Seats for the Brave’ initiative came about in response to the drought in Dubbo, her internship in Zambia, overcoming cultural differences and norms, and what’s next for her career and life.

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