Courageous Conversations

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Ep 75 Leanne Druery

Episode 75: Leanne Druery – How to step towards success and avoid delay

Leanne Druery, Sales Consultant at RE/MAX Results Mackay, talks about why she entered the real estate industry at 40, what she learned from her career break trip around Australia, her transition to sales, how to hire a PA, how the pandemic impacted her, what she experienced during Elite Agent’s Transform program and her tips for dealing with your own courageous conversations

Ep 74 Suzanne Hopman

Episode 74: Suzanne Hopman – How to empower people experiencing homelessness

Suzanne Hopman, Chief Executive Officer of Dignity, talks about what Dignity provides, how the team responds to a homelessness crisis call, how the charity found its beginnings and achieved its growth, the charity’s experiencing winning a number of prestigious Telstra Business Awards, and how Suzanne has developed her reliable team under strong leadership through one simple realisation about herself.

Ep 73 Owen Wilson Thumbnail

Episode 73: Owen Wilson – How to be an effective CEO of REA Group

Owen Wilson, CEO of REA Group, talks about the changes he faced moving from CFO to CEO, the challenges in communication he faced during the pandemic, the impact of ‘iBuying’ in the US, why agents are the trusted source for property estimates and what’s in the works at REA Group.

Ep 72 Caroline Bolderston

Episode 72: Caroline Bolderston – How to be bold, be useful and be purposeful

Caroline Bolderston, Director of Being Bold, talks about her new online training program, Bold365, how the idea of Bold365 came about, how the program has added value and brought real estate communities together, how the pandemic impacted Caroline and her business, and the important of identifying communications cues in yourself and in others.

Ep 71 Tom Panos

Episode 71: Tom Panos – How to live by the 10-rule business philosophy

Tom Panos, Real Estate Influencer, Trainer, Coach, Auctioneer and Speaker, talks about how the pandemic impacted his speaking opportunities and his health last year, how he chose to react to the sudden changes in his life, what helps him face adversity and the 10 rules of of his business philosophy that he believes every person should adhere by.

Ep 70 Julia Dyer

Episode 70: Julia Dyer – How to prospect for purpose and sell real estate for good

Julia Dyer, Director of Training, Freelance Creative Marketing Strategist and Social Change Influencer at Positive Prospecting Academy, talks about what it was like pitching to Shark Tank, how the experience changed her perspective and direction, working with the Thankyou group, establishing the Real Estate For Good accreditation for agents who advocate and commit to social change, and the importance of putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes when marketing yourself.

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