Courageous Conversations with

Karen Chant

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Welcome to Episode 52 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Karen Chant, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Bob Berry Real Estate. Karen talks about her start in the real estate industry, how burnout impacted on her career, why striving for success at your own pace is better than comparing yourself to the rest, how she implements a goals grid and finding a work-life integration that works best for her.

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00:15 – An intro to Karen’s career in real estate
01:00 – The burnout that led to Karen’s year off from sales during 2015-16
01:40 – Reflecting on having the tough conversation to leave a workplace that feels like family
03:40 – What it was like coming back to be a business owner in the same workplace
05:00 – Karen’s experience running a coffee shop with a fellow girlfriend and how this helped transition back to her original company
06:00 – The domino effect of various personal issues in 2018 on Karen’s career
07:30 – Encountering Sherrie Storor’s ‘Build Your Best Life’ tagline and reaching out to her for help
09:30 – “We can have it all, but we can’t necessarily have it all at once.” Striving for success, but doing so at your own pace without comparing yourself to the rest
11:30 – Setting herself a limit of listings at a time (10-15) to adjust to her own balance
13:00 – The importance of defining your ‘why’ when it comes to income
14:30 – The weight of saying ‘yes’ and how COVID lifted the weight off for the ‘yes’ people
15:15 – Implementing a goals grid
16:00 – How the pandemic allowed for clarity when things ‘slowed’ down
20:20 – Meditation and its benefit with assisting with Karen’s issues with distraction.
23:00 – Karen’s meditation routine and how she tries to stick to it
24:00 – Why We Sleep: Matthew Walker
25:00 – Working the way that works for Karen (i.e. kicking things off from 10am)
26:30 – Further insight into Karen’s goals grid and how she plans it
27:30 – Work-life integration instead of work-life balance
28:00 – Fred Nichols and Ray Ledgerwood: The Goals Grid