Courageous Conversations with

Juliana Gomes

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Welcome to Episode 60 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Juliana Gomes, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Kingfisher Realty. Juliana talks about moving from Brazil to the Gold Coast with nothing but her partner and her backpack, working at the Burleigh Heads Surf Club, how this led to her gig at Kingfisher Realty, what gave her the strength to persist and keep going, and how her story has been picked up by the media and continues to inspire others around her.

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00:30 – Juliana’s arrival to the Gold Coast from Brazil and her start in the real estate industry
02:00 – Australia’s reputation for being an expensive country to foreigners and the pressure of finding work very quickly
03:00 – Learning English in 2 years, working in surfing to engrain herself in the culture, and how conversations around the market during this eventually led to her starting real estate
05:00 – Being offered the role at Kingfisher Realty by a regular routine of stopping by to say ‘hello’ to the local agency. She has now worked there for 10 years and has remained for so long to service her community.
07:00 – Prospecting while still learning English, but still gaining the attention of people in her area.
07:40 – What led to Juliana eventually becoming a sales agent at the Kingfisher Realty team
08:45 – How Juliana’s story received the traction it did and how it has inspired others in similar situations in her.
10:00 – The ways in which Juliana maintains her self-belief and determination; “there was no Plan B”
11:15 – How Juliana’s story was picked up by a client of her’s
12:00 – Watch the Channel 7 story about Juliana and read the news.com.au story
12:30 – What’s next for Juliana’s journey
13:15 – What it’s like juggling her full time work with having a family (i.e. a son)