Leanne Pilkington

7 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Levels Up Every Day

Real estate is a fast-paced business and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times. However, a few simple tactics can help you combat this and perform at your best. Leanne Pilkington shares her top tips for maintaining high energy levels every day.

After a leadership presentation I gave last week, one of the questions I was asked was, “How do you keep your energy up?” I really had to think about it!

The reality is that I know I need to have great energy for people around me to have great energy. So, I consciously choose to bring that every day, and even more so when I am part of an event or training session.

As Brendon Burchard says, “Who needs you to be on your A-game today?” – the answer is everyone, including you!

My tips for great energy are:

  1. Make a conscious choice – you can CHOOSE great energy
  2. Move. I used to use the excuse that I am “too busy” to exercise, but now I know I am TOO BUSY NOT TO!
  3. Don’t let others steal your energy. The people around you can either BOOST YOU or drain you
  4. Do it with PASSION. Just “going through the motions” is not going to give great energy. There are parts of every job that we dislike. Focus on how good you will feel when it is done, rather than how much you dislike the task. As Chris Helder says, having a “Useful Belief” about whatever it is you are about to do makes a massive difference.
  5. Reflect on what has made YOU PROUD. Being clear on those moments of pride during your work day connects you with your passion which can help crystalise the “Why do you do what you do?” question.
  6. Control the VOICE IN YOUR HEAD. Don’t let it bring you down! I literally use the word “STOP” – sometimes out loud – when I need to shift my mental game.
  7. Food really does impacts the way you feel. Know what works for you. For me, bread doesn’t make me feel great and, although I love it, it’s only an occasional treat!