Courageous Conversations with

Chandra Clements

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Welcome to Episode 65 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Chandra Clements, Managing Director of One Legacy, and best-selling Author of ‘Rona Stole My Fun: The Four Year Old Vs the Virus’. Chandra talks about how COVID affected her career in coaching and training, how she communicated the impact of COVID to her children, how this became the inspiration for her book, what the self-publishing experience was like and what she has learned from the journey.

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00:40 – An introduction to Chandra’s career in consultancy and coaching
01:15 – How COVID affected Chandra’s career
02:15 – How COVID impacted her children; how Chandra helped her children process the reality of the pandemic through storytelling and came up with the book ‘Rona Stole My Fun!’
05:20 – Researching how to self-publish books and what’s involved
07:50 – The reaction to her first self-published book from the US regarding the topic of COVID-19; removing the mention of the virus from her book
09:00 – “Sometimes we get a no, but it’s not really a no.” Sometimes we have to change the language or ideas to get around a concept, in this case, the book getting published.
09:35 – What happened after the book released and the success it achieved within a few weeks.
11:35 – Writing and publishing a series of additional books after the success of ‘Rona Stole My Fun!’
12:50 – Getting featured in the Washington Post and having the Duchess of York request copies via the Royal Lodge Windsor
15:20 – Dealing with self-doubt; thinking beyond being told ‘no’ and instead thinking on ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen’ if you try again
17:30 – The power of broadening your mind to give something a go, even if it’s something you’re not skilled in or done before; don’t get stuck in what’s easy
18:30 – “If we just try a different lane, we might find out that we’ve got about 15 different skill sets we haven’t even explored.”
19:30 – Think more like children; adventurous, curious, imaginative.