Courageous Conversations with

Lauren Matthews

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Welcome to Episode 66 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Lauren Matthews, Owner of Lauren Matthews Maternity. Lauren talks about launching her clothing brand after experiencing for herself the lacklustre range of quality maternity wear, what launching during COVID was like, the steps, education and challenges involved with the business launch, how she found the courage to commit to her ideas and what she has learned through the journey.

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00:45 – What’s happened since the Property Girls/REA Group days; having a second child and living in Gerringong
02:00 – Launching her fashion line under her name, Lauren Matthews
02:45 – Addressing the need for high quality, Australian-made maternity/breastfeeding clothing that made women feel good about themselves
03:55 – Researching how to open her business and finding a 6-month course in Melbourne to kick-start her brand, and her creative process
05:15 – How she found the courage to undertake her own business, the risk involved financially
07:45 – Marketing the brand and spreading awareness; investing in a marketing guru to help with ads, and being involved in word-of-mouth (her parents are big advocates of her brand!)
10:00 – Bonding with fellow business owners, engaging in ‘mummy networks’
11:30 – Launching a business during COVID and the aspects of this that impacted her business
13:00 – Managing quantities and the costs involved with this and getting an idea of the market
14:30 – Using Instagram for researching the market; details on Lauren’s current clothing range
16:00 – Reflecting on whether she wished she knew anything before launching
17:45 – Sending her merchandise from home; future goals to store them in a warehouse when the business expands
19:00 – Visit for more info