Courageous Conversations with

Lisa B

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Welcome to Episode 67 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Lisa B, real estate trainer and coach, and Talent Acquisition Specialist at eXp Australia. She talks about her beginnings in the industry, how she has imparted what she’s learned in her industry experience through coaching and training, how she came to write and publish her books, her role in the social media space for real estate agents, and her tips and advice for having courageous conversations with yourself.

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00:10 – Why Lisa is known as ‘Lisa B’ rather than her full name.
01:30 – Lisa’s start in real estate in her 20s, buying the business she worked under and what led to her deciding to do so
04:00 – From housing commission areas to higher priced properties in Mosman; what motivated the switch to a different market area
04:30 – Using social media and video marketing as early as 20 years ago; branching out into courses for others from her experience
05:40 – What made Lisa B decide to pursue her coaching full-time; after reading the 4-Hour Workweek.
06:30 – What Lisa B is up to now; working at eXp to recruit talent while working on books, podcasts, design, etc in the background.
07:30 – Being asked to work in a compilation book that led to where she is today
07:50 – “Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe: Find Your Mr Right. The New Rules For Finding Love”
08:30 – How Lisa B learned to ‘switch off’ from work by introducing boundaries and habits in her life
10:00 – “Timothy John And The Big Green Dinosaur” – how Lisa’s mother wished for her poem to be published, and how Lisa’s son also contributed to its publication
11:00 – Working with her son and his friends to come up with some more ideas for books (they’re 13!)
12:00 – “Secret Agents: How the top real estate agents list more, sell more & DOMINATE THE MARKET!”
12:10 – Compilation books: “Real Estate Agents What You Need To Know Now!” and “Real Estate Agents Reveal All”
12:30 – How Lisa B organises her compilation books
13:20 – Learning how to self-publish her books
13:50 – Why Lisa B remains extremely active on social media; the strength of having a voice and a platform
14:30 – Dealing with one person’s reaction to Lisa B’s new role at eXp; how Lisa handles negative feedback
15:30 – ‘If I wouldn’t go to them for advice, why would I take their criticism?”
16:00 – Discussion on whether you leave the situation rather than fuelling the fire or engaging when it’s someone else’s FB Group, as opposed to your own group
17:20 – Why Lisa started her Facebook Group, creating a space without judgment and exploring different perspectives
19:30 – How the Group has impacted her business and clientele; how this has opened opportunity for collaboration with other services and providers
20:10 – The amount of time that Lisa spends on her Facebook Group (2-3 hours a day)
21:30 – Avoiding distraction while working, but also having the ability to switch off from work; being efficient
23:00 – Lisa B’s own courageous conversations; when they happen and what they’re like
24:00 – Lisa’s advice to her own son: “Do what you love to do and don’t worry about what other people say.”
25:00 – How Lisa finds the bravery to have her difficult conversations (using the example of her first husband and still talks to/is friends with!)
27:00 – Asking what you are proud of, no matter what it is; fearing the fear and doing it anyway
29:00 – Lisa B’s closing advice