Courageous Conversations with

Julia Dyer

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Welcome to Episode 70 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Julia Dyer, Director of Training, Freelance Creative Marketing Strategist and Social Change Influencer at Positive Prospecting Academy. She talks about what it was like pitching to Shark Tank, how the experience changed her perspective and direction, working with the Thankyou group, establishing the Real Estate For Good accreditation for agents who advocate and commit to social change, and the importance of putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes when marketing yourself.

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01:00 – ‘Sold Story’ an initiative that aims to change the perception of the real estate industry – why the platform didn’t end up working
02:20 – Participating in ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch the initiative and her experience with rejection on live TV
03:30 – One of the judges handed her $200 to buy backpack beds for the homeless and said, “don’t try to create a business that helping other people before you can help yourself.”
04:00 – Begging the production company to not go to air (which they didn’t) and how Julia picked herself up from this
05:00 – Selling ‘Sold Story’ to move to the next stage of her career; working with the thankyou group
05:30 – Chapter One by Daniel Flynn
06:00 – Referring agents to use thankyou water bottles rather than creating branding stickers for them herself; realising she wanted to promote social change in her marketing
07:00 – Backpack Bed for Homeless Sydney
08:30 – The Real Estate For Good initiative and accreditation
09:00 – Real estate agents are some of the most generous people in the industry; Julia’s mission to create a way that consumers could see that agents are ‘accredited’ as people who give back.
10:30 – Consumers are increasingly making choices based on social change and commitment rather than price
11:00 – The example of water (thanks to Immy Callister); it tastes the same, it looks the same but we are encouraged to buy certain bottles of water thanks to branding. How can we apply this to real estate if most consumers think we’re all the same?
12:30 – The ‘heart tick’ and the process behind how the Real Estate For Good tick can be used in marketing
13:30 – The accreditation is a ‘whisper’; a way for agents to share their story of social change without being in your face
14:15 – Julia’s vision for the Real Estate For Good initiative and how it helps consolidate multiple acts of charitable service
15:45 – Prospecting with Purpose book
16:00 – KeepCup’s Impact Calculator
17:00 – What is involved with/the cost of the Real Estate For Good accreditation
18:30 – The reception from agents to Julia’s initiative
19:00 – Julia Dyer’s talks with T2 and her plans to work with their wholesale team for gifting
21:45 – Putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes when it comes to prospecting marketing
23:30 – Head to to find out more information