Courageous Conversations with

Caroline Bolderston

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Welcome to Episode 72 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, we welcome back Caroline Bolderston, Director of Being Bold. She talks about her new online training program, Bold365, how the idea of Bold365 came about, how the program has added value and brought real estate communities together, how the pandemic impacted Caroline and her business, and the important of identifying communications cues in yourself and in others.

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00:30 – Caroline’s new membership training program
01:30 – Revisiting Caroline’s new direction and the comparison trap (“I have to”, “I should be”)
03:00 – Focusing on her strengths in speaking gigs and 1-on-1’s, and how this led to her realising her plan for the online training.
05:00 – Bold Listing and Bold Prospecting Masterclasses; originally started as live sessions before COVID-19 arrived.
06:00 – Observing the camaraderie between agents of different brands under the same training program, the industry’s ability to collaborate and how this became valuable for all involved
08:00 – How COVID moved her coaching online, and how she’s used it to bolster her brand and her training quality
09:00 – ‘What else could you do to add value?” – the question that prompted her LMS (learning management system).
10:00 – What the investment of Caroline’s coaching program is
11:40 – How the pandemic impacted Caroline and her business; regaining her momentum as soon as June
13:30 – Useful and purposeful: the significance of doing things that matter and that you can control
15:30 – Sign up at – we have a 10% off coupon code for our podcast listeners: podcast365
16:00 – How her coaching involves DISC profiling; Caroline’s DISC profile vs Leanne’s DISC profile and how they’re compatible.
18:40 – Treating others as how you want to be treated vs treating them how THEY want to be treated; picking up on communication cues.
20:30 – Caroline’s decision making process behind selling her house recently