Courageous Conversations with

Michael Sheargold

Welcome to Episode 81 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, our guest is Michael Sheargold, The Entrepreneurs Growth Coach. He talks about the ’empathy factor’, how to avoid the slump of a lockdown, and being the leader your team needs right now.

Michael explains right now the focus should be on what winning looks today or this week rather than the long-term view. It should also shift from what people can’t do to the things that they can.

Michael also offers some great tips on giving your team the energy and support they need, along with how to set up a winning day.

He also poses the question every leader should be asking their team members to foster accountability and turn goals into action.

“Often when I’m talking with great agents and leaders, there’s this perception if there were 100 things you could do pre-COVID there’s only 90 you can do now. So there’s 10 things you can’t do.

“Are you going to focus on the ones you can’t do or become really, really good at doing the 90 that you can?” Michael Sheargold.

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00:00 – Introducing Michael Sheargold and his expertise in the real estate industry as a growth coach
00:50 – Michael started doing general business coaching and also in the time management area
01:57 – What does winning look like between now and the end of this year?
03:01 – Identifying the opportunities during lockdown
04:50 – Why did Michael start the coach program
07:38 – Part of the success in anything is empathy, which is being able to see the other person’s point of view.
11:05 – What is the language that we can use that actually makes it a less confronting conversation during coaching conversations?
15:25 – Accountability for Michael means reminding you of what you are committed to
18:02 – How does Michael actually go about that process to make good decision making
23.07 – How we can negotiate something to get what we both need
24:36 – Where can you get in touch with Michael if you want to know more about what he does and the courses that he do