Courageous Conversations with

Samantha Barlow

In this episode, our guest is Samantha Barlow, Laing+Simmons Real Estate – Licensed Agent & Auctioneer.

In 2009, Samantha was living her dream as a Sergeant in the NSW Police Force when she was brutally attacked by a random stranger and left for dead.

The young mum, who was married to a fellow officer and had two small children at home, spent months in hospital and a year in recovery, determined to return to the police and achieve all that she had planned to.

With courage, resilience and sheer determination, Samantha achieved that aim, but ultimately it ended her police career.

In this raw and inspiring Courageous Conversation, Samantha shares her story, including the mindset she drew on throughout her recovery, why giving up was never an option, and how her passion for helping people as a police officer translated into a successful real estate career.

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00:00 – Episode disclaimer
01:18 – Leanne welcomes Samantha Barlow who has been a part of Laing+Simmons family since 2018
02:00 – Samantha talks about her past horrendous incident on 2009
06:19 – How Samantha able to work on with her life and wrote a book “Left For Dead”
09:17 – Samantha went back to the police force after 22 months after the incident
12:07 – How she had to make a decision and retire from the police force
13:45 – How she was able to process it all knowing that it is something that loved doing and can’t do it anymore
15:43 – Samantha moved to Port Macquarie and started Real Estate Agent with her dad
18:25 – Samantha talks about what she can advise to people facing some challenges