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Ep 8 Tiffany Murray Thumbnail

Episode 8: Tiffany Murray – From sheep stations to styling and knowing your self-worth

In this episode, Tiffany Murray of Dressed For Sale talks about running a farm with her husband, how they moved from farm life to property styling, the tough conversations she’s had when running her own business and why it’s important to value yourself and be kind.

Ep 7 Virginia Brookes Thumbnail

Episode 7: Virginia Brookes – Making positives from negatives and planning for success

In this episode, Virginia Brookes of Resolver Recruitment talks about how she entered the real estate recruitment space, running a business while looking after a family, how she overcame her fear of public speaking and why coaching has helped with her growth.

Ep 6 Kylie Davis Thumbnail

Episode 6: Kylie Davis – Lessons in reinventing your career path and the age of PropTech

In the episode, Kylie Davis talks about how her days in journalism led her into real estate, what she learned as a business owner and the considerations our industry needs to take to future-proof our businesses and our service. 

Ep 5 Amanda Gould Thumbnail

Episode 5: Amanda Gould – Look inward, reach outward, move forward

In the episode, Amanda Gould of HighSpec Properties talks about how she became a buyer’s agent and started her business, the importance of self-reflection, navigating through bad days and establishing relationships in a tougher market.

Ep 4 Corissa Dimitrakopoulos Thumbnail

Episode 4: Corissa Dimitrakopoulos – Making the most of ‘now’ as a passenger of the journey

In the episode, Corissa Dimitrakopoulos of Refurb 2 Invest talks about starting her business, the tough conversations she’s had to have with her family, her experience with business coaching and balancing business ownership with being a mother of two beautiful children. 

Ep 3 Tanja M Jones Thumbnail

Episode 3: Tanja M Jones – Embracing vulnerability and having courage to walk through the door of fear

In this episode, leadership and mindset coach Tanja M Jones reflects on her experience coaching business leaders and shares her lessons in authentic conversations, going beyond the ‘no’ and feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

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