What Shutdown Has Taught Me

Leanne Pilkington shares the top things she has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, including what to do in the middle of a crisis, when she is working from home and once the weekend arrives. 

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The Power of Perceptions

Leanne Pilkington takes a closer look at the concept of social perception within the real estate industry, including what she has learned from others’ perceptions of herself as an industry leader.

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Does Real Estate Have A Groupthink Problem?

Instead of thinking of ‘gender equality’ as a women’s issue, Kylie Davis explains why we need to reframe the conversation and talk about confirmation bias. This blog first appeared on Real Content. Click here to view. Let’s stop talking about women in real estate. Instead, let’s talk about confirmation bias. And groupthink. And a host of other…

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I Don’t Want What She is Having!

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceForBetter. While there may be gender imbalances in various aspects of business, Leanne Pilkington looks further into why this is the case for our current generation of women. On International Women’s Day, there will be plenty written about diversity targets, quotas and the general lack of women…

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7 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Levels Up Every Day

Real estate is a fast-paced business and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times. However, a few simple tactics can help you combat this and perform at your best. Leanne Pilkington shares her top tips for maintaining high energy levels every day. After a leadership presentation I gave last week, one of the…

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5 Lessons Learned from 2018

With 2019 underway, Leanne Pilkington reflects on the year that was 2018 and shares her biggest personal and professional lessons. PAY IT FORWARD We all do that in different ways. For me, I can connect people with others that can help them. I do it all the time, and I love being a small part…

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