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Ep 56 Alyssa Morley Thumbnail

Episode 56: Alyssa Morley – A journey from corporate to cake creating

Alyssa Morley, owner of Alyssa’s Kitchen, talks about her experience in corporate procurement, her cancer diagnosis, leaving her career for cooking school, how she came to the decision to start her cake making business and what she has learned from the transition from the office job to building her own brand.

Ep 55 Andy Reid Thumbnail

Episode 55: Andy Reid – The silver linings of mental health and how it inspires action

Andy Reid, Owner/Managing Director at Simplify Marketing, Director at Sold By Auctions, talks about his early career in hospitality management, moving to Australia with his wife and beginning his property career, his experience with depression and anxiety, how he dealt with his mental health obstacle, what lockdown was like for him in Melbourne, and his plans for the future in the real estate space.

Ep 54 Jacquie Love Thumbnail

Episode 54: Jacquie Love – How to build the Secret Sisterhood movement

Jacquie Love, Founder of Secret Sisterhood, talks about how dabbling in journalism during her fashion design university degree led to exploring the topic of human trafficking, her life-changing charity work trip to India to rescue and rehabilitate girls from sex trafficking, starting the Secret Sisterhood movement, creating a symbol for gender equality, spreading her message through jewellery and what’s next in her journey to support women’s causes.

Ep 53 Tim McKibbin Thumbnail

Episode 53: Tim McKibbin – How to lead with influence and champion professionalism as CEO of the REINSW

Tim McKibbin, CEO of the REINSW, talks about his journey across careers in mining, accounting law and real estate, what it’s like being the CEO of the REINSW, his views on discrimination, why he surrounds himself with role models within his leadership teams, the challenges associated with fighting for professionalism in the real estate industry and how he stays motivated.

Ep 52 Karen Chant Thumbnail

Episode 52: Karen Chant – How to set and achieve your goals to find balance

Karen Chant, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Bob Berry Real Estate, talks about her start in the real estate industry, how burnout impacted on her career, why striving for success at your own pace is better than comparing yourself to the rest, how she implements a goals grid and finding a work-life integration that works best for her.

Ep 51 Vinh Giang Thumbnail

Episode 51: Vinh Giang – The magic behind communication mastery

Vinh Giang, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and magician, talks about how he transitioned from being a magician to a professional speaker, building his brand in the USA, the power of learning improv on one’s confidence, life lessons from his family, how COVID impacted his business and how he plans to future-proof his career. 

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