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Leanne Pilkington and pamela

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Pamela Loustos

Leanne caught up with REINSW Events Specialist Pamela Loustos to find out how she’s coping in a world where events are banned, what the REINSW 2020 events calendar is looking like right now, and how many chin ups she can do!

Leanne Pilkington and Ewan

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Ewan Morton

Leanne Pilkington caught up with Ewan Morton of Morton who discuss in length the changes happening to culture, landlords and tenants. There is some good food for thought in this interview!

Leanne Pilkington and JR

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and John Runko

Leanne talks to her boss…Dexar CEO John Runko! Hear from JR what’s happening over in Canberra and what shutdown has been like based in his farm! We also get some fun insight into his life before real estate…did you know he was in entomology and hairdressing?! We hope you enjoy this one as much as…

Ep 36 Louisette Geiss Thumbnail

Episode 36: Louisette Geiss – Life during a global pandemic in a country where everyone owns a gun

Louisette Geiss talks about what life is like right now both personally and in real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA, the latest updates on the Harvey Weinstein case, the impact of gun hoarding and what’s next on the agenda for her. 

Leanne Pilkington and Rhys

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Rhys Rogers

Leanne catches up with Rhys Rogers of Before You Bid in this #COVIDSilverLining video. Hear what business has been like for Rhys, how his focus on the can’s instead of the can’t’s has helped and what the silver lining has been for him personally.

Leanne Pilkington and Virginia

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Virginia Brookes

Here’s our next #COVIDSilverLining ep with Virginia Brookes from Resolver Recruitment. Hear about the impacts on real estate recruitment from Virginia’s point of view, what it’s been like for herself at home with her kids, and the useful nugget of wisdom she received for balancing it all. Enjoy!

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