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Ep 41 Fiona Blayney Thumbnail

Episode 41: Fiona Blayney – How to harness chaos, your self-worth and the power of choice

Welcome to Episode 41 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington. In this episode, our guest is Fiona Blayney, Founder and CEO of Real Plus. She talks about her foray into the real estate industry, how launching her business led to self-discovery, how she balances running her company with her family life, how…

Ep 40 Lisa Novak Thumbnail

Episode 40: Lisa Novak – How to sell and succeed on social media

Lisa Novak, Sales Agent at Novak Properties, talks about how she became a sales agent in the family business, how social media and video content has contributed to her success, what it’s like working alongside her husband and the routines and rituals that work for her when it comes to selling properties. 

Ep 39 Tanja Lee Thumbnail

Episode 39: Tanja Lee – Mastering manifesting, healing and clearing the past

Welcome to Episode 39 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington. In this episode, we welcome back Tanja Lee, leadership and mindset coach. She talks about what’s changed since we last had her on the podcast in 2019 both in business and her personal life, why listening to her inner voice has helped…

Leanne Pilkington and Caroline

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Caroline Bolderston

Leanne caught up with the lovely Caroline Bolderston today for another ep of #COVIDSilverLinings to see how she was going. After a couple of weeks of tough adjustment, Caroline is now in a much more positive mindset about both her coaching and her personal/social situations! Now’s a good time to be asking yourself what it…

Ep 38 Paul McGee Thumbnail

Episode 38: Paul McGee – Mastering your mental diet when you have COVID-19

Paul McGee (A.K.A. The S.U.M.O. Guy), motivational speaker, conference facilitator and author of the best-selling book, S.U.M.O, talks about what it was like being diagnosed with COVID-19, the changes to his coaching career during a pandemic, how to manage your mental diet, the 7 questions to ask yourself when faced with challenges and how the beach ball perspective can assist with clients and businesses in real estate. 

Ep 37 Sarah Bell Thumbnail

Episode 37: Sarah Bell – Radical accountability, vulnerability and the human revolution

Sarah Bell, CFO, Co-Founder of Aire Software, and RiTA’s Mum, talks about how she entered the real estate space, how it led to working with AI and robots, the importance of practising radical accountability, Aire’s multi-stage hiring process, handling vulnerability and criticism and how we can achieve better personal connections and push for a service revolution.

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