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#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Sharlene Jamieson

Leanne caught up with Sharlene Jamieson from REI Super last week to see how she was going with everything COVID-19. Sharlene has transitioned from working from home once a week to every single day of the week. Hear how the situation has personally impacted her (it’s part of the reason why her hair colour’s different…


#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Stan Platis

Stan Platis of Dexar is our next guest for #COVIDSilverLinings and we hear how the Canberra market’s like and what his personal silver linings have been. Stan, we’re happy to hear you’re well and fine after your recent hospital trip! x

Leanne Pilkington and Angie Dunn

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Angie Dunn

In our next #COVIDSilverLinings video, we’ve got Angie Dunn from DIAKRIT. As a tech-based company, Angie explains how their team’s focus has been on educating agents on how to pivot and evolve during this pandemic. COVID-19 has been our next massive disruptor to the real estate industry when you think about it! She also delves…

Leanne Pilkington and Dave Robinson

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and David Robinson

Here’s our next #COVIDSilverLinings video – this time with David Robinson and Leanne Pilkington. Having recently ventured out on his own coaching-wise, Dave gives us a bit of insight into what that’s been like for him and his strategies to overcome the hurdles. It’s so important to make conscious efforts to improve your wellbeing during…

Leanne Pilkington and Rik Rushton

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Rik Rushton

Check out our next #COVIDSilverLinings video from Rik Rushton and Leanne Pilkington! Hear how Rik is going, how the pandemic has affected his day-to-day, the importance of doing things NOW instead of later, and the power of communicating with your vendors and buyers. Be the ‘Voices of Value’ and have ‘Courageous Conversations’ (if you listen…

#COVIDSilverLinings Leanne and Jax SEO

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Jackie Jones

During these crazy times, it’s important to regularly check in with each other – it’s easy to do! Leanne Pilkington and Jax Jones had a quick catch-up to chat about the going ons in their world right now – we hope it helps you and also puts a smile on your dial! #COVIDSilverLinings

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