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Ep 44 Angela Avgerinos Thumbnail

Episode 44: Angela Avgerinos – All it takes is one moment for everything to change

Angela Avgerinos, Performance Leader at LJ Hooker Corporate, talks about entering the real estate space, working with the Laing+Simmons network, how a hurtful comment from within her family made her write in a letter of resignation from her successful role as an agent, and what this meant for her future plans and aspirations.

Ep 43 Cathy Baker Thumbnail

Episode 43: Cathy Baker – Standing strong as a pillar of the community

Cathy Baker, Principal of Belle Property Killcare, talks about her transition from interior design to real estate, her charity ‘Killy Cares’, how she met Richard Branson, how she handled her fears with public speaking and why ‘helping people’ has worked as her motivating mantra in life.

Ep 42 Penelope Marie Thumbnail

Episode 42: Penelope Valentine and Marie Doyle – How to say ‘yes’ to life

Penelope Valentine and Marie Doyle talk about their trip to Everest Base Camp last year in October 2019, the challenges they faced during the climb, why this experience was so important in teaching them how to embrace vulnerability, their experience with facing altitude sickness and what they learned from the overall experience. 

#COVIDSilverLinings Kylie Farr Thumbnail

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Kylie Farr

In our next edition of #COVIDSilverLinings, Leanne Pilkington sits down to talk to Kylie Farr from realestate.com.au and find out how things have been for her during this pandemic. Kylie shares how daily work has been, what she’s learned being at home with her family, how she navigates team culture while working remotely, and the…

#COVIDSilverLinings Leanne and Alissia

#COVIDSilverLinings with Leanne Pilkington and Alissia Dillon

Here’s our next #COVIDSilverLining video with Leanne Pilkington and Alissia Dillon from YourPorter! Alissia tells Leanne about how business has been, what she enjoys about working from home, what she’s looking forward to post-pandemic and what she’ll continue doing that’s working for her now.

Ep 41 Fiona Blayney Thumbnail

Episode 41: Fiona Blayney – How to harness chaos, your self-worth and the power of choice

Welcome to Episode 41 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington. In this episode, our guest is Fiona Blayney, Founder and CEO of Real Plus. She talks about her foray into the real estate industry, how launching her business led to self-discovery, how she balances running her company with her family life, how…

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