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Ep 50 Justine McDonald Thumbnail

Episode 50: Justine McDonald – How to rebuild career confidence and be a smarter investor

Justine McDonald, Finance Specialist at Nectar Mortgages, talks about transition between 3 different careers, her experience with losing career confidence, how she rebuilt her self-worth, her tips for investing and what she would and wouldn’t do again, and and her thoughts on the current market.

Ep 49 Louisette Geiss Thumbnail

Episode 49: Louisette Geiss – Changing the way you look at things so the things you look at change

Louisette Geiss, Co-Founder of RWIRELA, women’s rights advocate, Sales VP, and former producer, actress, writer and director, talks about the recent financial ruling against Weinstein, what being on the other side of this ruling is like, how COVID has impacted herself and the real estate market in the USA, maintaining a positive outlook and her upcoming project that’s in the works.

Ep 48 Chris Helder Thumbnail

Episode 48: Chris Helder – The simple shift from chaos thinking to useful thinking

Chris Helder, international keynote speaker and best-selling author, talks about moving to Australia for his start in real estate, how he transitioned to speaking and training, the process behind writing his best-selling books, how he has helped businesses with their challenges during COVID-19, what his own obstacles were when it came to travel for work, and his tips for shifting your chaos thinking to useful thinking.

Ep 47 Amy Young Thumbnail

Episode 47: Amy Young – How to trust your potential and drive sustainability

Amy Young, Principal of Laing+Simmon Young Property in Avalon, talks about her foray into real estate as a personal assistant, the crucial feedback that determined her beginnings in business ownership, the challenges she faces around anxiety when it comes to doorknocking and what it’s like working with her husband in a paperless and work-from-home real estate office.

Ep 46 Jillian McGrath

Episode 46: Jillian McGrath – The key ingredients to a good life and great service

Jillian McGrath, Real Estate Mentor and Sales Agent at McGrath Manly, talks about what it was like transferring her skills to real estate in her 50s, the benefits of using a vision board for goal-setting, the important of authenticity in creating connections, and how she has been helping her industry and the wider community through her mentoring and charity work.

Ep 45 Sadhana Smiles

Episode 45: Sadhana Smiles – How to Overcome the Worst to Be at Your Best

Sadhana Smiles, Director at Harcourts Move and CEO of Harcourts Group VIC, talks about how she entered real estate, moving from Melbourne to Sydney after a divorce, how this impacted on her mental health and her family, the reason she returned to Melbourne and her charity work in Fiji and the event ‘Walk a Mile in Their Shoes’ .

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